Important Musical Updates – Week of January 7

From Mr. Schade via Remind

Patron Project

  • We are way behind on our patron project for this year. At this point, we are less than 50% toward our overall goal. Patron project ads are due next week! If you have gone to a patron but haven’t heard back, please follow up with them. If you still have yet to go, go! There are still several unclaimed businesses on the patron wall in the choir room if you are still looking for patrons. Please follow up on your patrons! The first things to go are pit orchestra members, props and some costumes if we can’t get the money.
  • Click here for Patron Project information.

Schedule Updates  updated 1/8/18

  • Monday and Tuesday are the circus people + Lambs/Time Stops. There is no dancing bear (sorry).
  • This Wednesday will be Daffodils scene and the rest is TBA.  Need to add circus for Wednesday as well.
  • Thursday is USO (all involved) and Witches. You will need to be there from 3-5 for both choreography and costuming.
  • Friday is still tentatively planned as an Act 1 run through.


  • The first round of attire orders closed last week. You can still order musical apparel, but the second order will not be printed until the end of the month. Please make sure you have everything ordered by the deadline,  which closes January 29.
  • Click here to purchase your musical attire.


  • Please make sure you have all the proper footwear for the show and all dance scenes by Feb 1. Please see Mr. Schade or Bill if you have any questions.
  • All USO girls should be wearing tap shoes for rehearsal from now until the show.


  • Our two absence policy remains in effect. The only reasons to miss rehearsal are if you weren’t in school (due to illness or pre-arranged absence) or a family emergency. Work, homework, etc are not valid excuses. We have reached the point where we cannot afford to re-block or choreograph scenes because people have been  removed due to lack of attendance.
  • If you have recently gotten your hair colored, it will need to be removed for the show. Please see Mr. Schade or Bill if you have hair or other questions.